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Consulting Services:

Library Advocacy

Leadership Development

Emotional Intelligence Leadership

Library Marketing

Strategic Planning

Executive Searches

Library Services to Latino Communities

Cultural Competency

Disaster Planning and Recovery


Consulting Services

Camila Alire & Associates focuses its consulting services in the following areas:

  • Library Advocacy
    All aspects of multi-type library advocacy preparation is available through our services to include working with grassroots volunteers, frontline library employees, and governing boards.
  • Leadership Development
    Concentrating on the development of potential leaders, we provide workshops on the development of leaders to handle the challenges of the future. This includes focusing on self-awareness, personal values, strong interpersonal skills, skills for change agents, and more.
  • Emotional Intelligence Leadership
    Focusing on using emotional intelligence (EI) leadership skills to help clients handle changing work environments successfully, we work with them on developing EI leadership teams and EI work environments.
  • Library Marketing
    Focusing on academic libraries, we assist them in understanding the need for library marketing, in developing a dynamic marketing plan, and in employing effective marketing techniques.
  • Strategic Planning
    We will work with a client from the beginning to the completion of the strategic planning process, including: developing a strategic planning team; conducting focus groups; facilitating the brainstorming process; and completing the final plan. 
  • Library Services to Latino Communities
    We work with public library clients who are at the initial stages of developing services for their Latino communities. We also work with clients who want to expand their services to Latino communities, concentrating on particular areas of service. This includes areas such as community analysis, collection development, programming for all ages, staff development, partnerships, etc.
  • Cultural Competency
    Developing employee cultural competency is a method that can provide a welcoming work environment for minority library staff as well as a library environment that is inviting and engaging for minority customers.We train library management teams to build understanding of the importance of developing cultural competencies among library employees.
  • Disaster Planning and Recovery
    When clients need to prepare library disaster and emergency response plans, we assist in the development of those plans. We review and critique existing disaster planning and response plans for clients. We also offer services for practicing emergency disaster response.
  • Executive Searches
    Working with Pyramind LLC, a retained executive search firm, we conduct searches for senior-level positions in higher education, libraries, association, nonprofit, government, and corporate arenas.

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