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Past Appearances: 2010

January 10th – 12th
NEH and Public Broadcasting Corporation-Washington, DC

January 13th – 21st
ALA Midwinter, Boston, MA

February 5th
ALA Student Chapter, University of Denver, Denver, CO

February 7th - 9th
“Grass Roots Advocacy” 25th Anniversary/URI-LIS, Providence, RI

February 9th
LIS program, Pratt Institute, Brooklyn, NY

February 11th
Queens College/CUNY- GSLIS

February 16-19th, 22-24th
Northern California. Presentations at:

  • Reforma-Sacramento Chapter (17th);
  • San Francisco Public Library system and SFPL Leadership Academy (19th);
  • Yolo County Public Library system keynote speech for the YCL staff and afternoon leadership workshop for the YCL management team (22nd); and
  • Salinas Public Library System (23rd-24th).

March 3rd - 5th
Dominican University, Spring Lecturer, River Forest, IL

March 9th - 14th
Louisiana Library Association, Baton Rouge, LA

March 14th - 16th
12th annual National FOI Day Conference, Washington, DC

March 17th - 19th
Tennessee Library Association, Memphis, TN

March 22nd - 27th
Public Library Association, Portland, OR

April 7th – 9th
New Mexico Library Association

April 10th - 12th
National Conference on Family Literacy, San Antonio;

April 12th - 13th
UT-ALA Student Chapter, San Antonio Public Library

April 14th-17th
Texas Library Association, San Antonio, TX

April 19th - 21st 
OLA/MPLA, Oklahoma City, OK

April 22nd- 25th
ALA Executive Board Meeting, Chicago

April 26th- 27th                                                 
GLA/GPLS, Decatur, GA

April 27th – 28th
Off-Campus Library Services, Cleveland, OH

April 29th
Cleveland Public Library

May 3rd-5th
Southern California Library Cooperative (SCLC) Spring 2010 Advocacy Workshop, Santa Monica, CA

May 11th - 13th
Utah Library Association, St. George, UT

May 13th - 14th
Ethnic Affiliates (REFORMA-Northeast Chapter) Mini-Conference, NYC

May 15th-18th
Acquisitions Institute, Portland, OR 

May 19th-June 2nd
China/Hong Kong- Polytechnical University-Hong Kong, Academic Library Seminar-Shanxi University, China Library Society-Beijing

June 6th – 12th
Simmons (Boston). Teaching/unavailable.

June 23rd – July 1st
ALA Annual Conference, Washington, DC

Past Appearances: 2009

January 22nd – 28th
ALA Midwinter Conference Denver

February 11th – 13th
ALA Student Chapter at the University of Texas School of Information
Austin ISD- School Librarians Retreat, Austin, TX

March 12th
ACRL 14th National Conference, Seattle, WA

March 25th – 28th
Southwest Association of Law Librarians, Albuquerque, NM

April 1st – 3rd
KLA - MPLA Joint Conference, Wichita, KS

April 15th – 17th
Texas Library Association Conference, Houston, TX

April 19th – 21st
Catholic University LIS Alumni Dinner, Washington, DC

April 23rd – 26th
ALA Spring Executive Board Meeting, Chicago, IL

May 31st – June 5th
Simmons College, Boston, MA

July 8th-15th
ALA Annual Conference, Chicago, IL

July 19th – August 8th
San Jose State University, San Jose, CA

July 25th - 27th
American Association Law Libraries Annual Meeting, Washington, DC

July 27th - 29th
New York Media Event, New York, NY

August 5th - 7th
Pacific Northwest Library Association (PNLA), Missoula, MT

August 8th
Emporia State University-SLIM CO-IX Commencement, Denver, CO

August 16th – 23rd
Vacation / unavailable

August 23rd – 28th
International Federation of Library Associations and Institutions Annual Conference, Milan, Italy

September 7th - 11th
AMBAC- Asociación Mexicana de Bibliotecarios, Acapulco, Gro. México

September 11th - 13th
ALA Retreat, Chicago, IL

September 23rd – 26th
Library of Congress / National Book Festival / National Hispanic Heritage Month, Washington, DC

September 27th – 29th         
Public Library Advocacy Symposium, Milwaukee, WI

October 6th – 7th
Missouri Library Association Conference, Columbia, MO

October 8th – 9th
Georgia Library Association, Columbus, GA

October 10th – 16th
Department of Information Studies, University of Sheffield; Liverpool John Moores University LIS school, Liverpool (14th); and SINTO, Sheffield Hallam University, Sheffield, England (15th)

October 18th - 20th
NELA-Northeast Librarians’ Association, Hartford, CT

October 22nd- 26th
ALA Executive Board Meeting, Chicago, IL

October 28th – 29th
Virginia Library Association Conference, Williamsburg, VA

October 29- 31st
South Carolina Library Association Conference, Columbia, SC

November 2nd
California Library Association, Pasadena, CA

November 4th - 8th
AASL, Charlotte, NC (tentative)

November 9th
Greensboro Public Library-Staff  and  University of North Carolina-Greensboro

November 10th
University of North Carolina -Chapel Hill and NCCU

November 11th
Durham County Library-Staff

November 11th - 14th
São Paulo, Brazil (tentative)

November 15th - 16th
Knowledge River Fall Meeting, Tucson, AZ

November 16th – 18th
Libros, REFORMA-San Diego Chapter, CA

November 18th – 20th
CSLA-California School Libraries Association Ontario, CA (tentative)

November 21st
2009 CAL-Colorado Association of Libraries Conference - Power On: Avenues for the Future, Denver, CO

November 22nd - 28th
Vacation - International / unavailable

November 29th – December 2nd
FIL- Guadalajara International Book Fair, Jalisco, México

December 2nd – 4th
North Carolina Public Library Director’s Association Annual Conference, Winston-Salem, NC

December 8th - 16th
Spain- Madrid/Zaragoza

Past Appearances: 2008

September 18th – 21st
REFORMA National Conference, El Paso, TX

September 27th
Banned Books Week Read-Out, Chicago, IL

October 2nd – October 4th
17th Annual WALE Conference “Capitalize your Career," Olympia, WA

October 8th
University of Washington Suzzallo Library Reception
NPR Interview–Seattle station

October 9th
University of Washington IS School-Talk Meet w/Students

October 17th – 18th
Border Regional Library Association, El Paso, TX

October 20th – 23rd
President Elect orientation – ALA Headquarters

October 24 – 26th
ALA Executive Board Fall Meeting

November 6th – 8th
Colorado Association of Libraries, Denver, CO

November 12th – 14th
OITP Retreat – ALA Washington Office

November 29th – December 3rd
Guadalajara International Book Fair, Guadalajara, Mexico

December 15
Presidential Initiative Leadership Workgroup, Chicago, IL

December 19th
LIS Graduation-University of Arizona, Tucson


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